Benefits of Blast Chillers

Industrial blast chillers for quick deep-freezing are machines created to quickly lower the temperature of food from +176ºF to -0.4ºF in less than 90 minutes, thanks to this it is possible to prevent bacteria from multiplying, in addition, to achieving very fast freezing of the food, and thus avoid the increase of the bacterial flora and the creation of microcrystals.

The blast chiller acts against the food by pulling the air at very low temperatures, causing the cold to circulate through strong fans. The most outstanding benefit of the blast chiller is that they guarantee longer expiration dates.

The blast chiller is an essential element in all professional kitchens. Since it offers a large number of advantages over the traditional cooling process, these allow for the reduction of the internal temperature of the food that finishes cooking in a time not exceeding two hours. In this way, the proliferation of bacteria can be avoided and the organoleptic conditions of the products are maintained.


  • Speed ​​in temperature reduction processes to be able to store food, and money savings.
  • Storage of food after several days of cooking, in order to have the necessary stock at all times, keeping the qualities of the food intact.
  • Food safety, being able to reduce contamination and proliferation of bacteria.
  • They are guaranteed quality in products, thanks to the conservation of their flavor.
  • Reduce the weight loss of preserved products, being able to prevent them from drying outhumidity, and internal crystallization.
  • It facilitates the storage of products in a faster and easier way to be able to organize yourself in the best possible way.

You can also find freezing tunnels, they are also freezing machines like blast chillers but in large dimensions.

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Benefits of an Efficient Supply Chain

Supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods. Chart with keywords and icons

The supply chain resumes the flow of goods and services required to deliver consumer products, while supply chain management is about streamlining this vital flow and creating a seamless system that maximizes profits.

Good supply chain management by a reliable CA Amazon Fulfillment company is essential to a company’s success. In fact, a survey conducted by Deloitte in 2014 found that 79% of companies with the best-performing supply chains experienced revenue growth above industry averages. Add that to the statistics that show that about 50% of new businesses fail in the first five years of operation and it’s becoming increasingly clear how critical supply chain performance is to success.

Benefits Of An Efficient Supply Chain

From the delivery of raw materials to the execution of customer orders, the supply chain has a huge impact on the efficiency and profitability of operations. By simply improving their supply chain management practices, companies can reap the following benefits.

  • Guarantees customer satisfaction –Good supply management means that a company’s chances of experiencing stock-outs and not meeting the expected delivery decrease considerably.
  • Reduced operating costs –An efficient supply chain means that expensive inventory is not kept in warehouses longer than necessary, or it accumulates storage costs.
  • Create a healthier financial situation –Shaving small costs here in the supply chain can lead to big lower savings. This can be as simple as changing packaging or exchanging raw materials for a more profitable product.
  • Increased production and flows of the treasury –When a product is delivered faster, it also means that an invoice can be paid sooner. Good supply management can lead to a faster flow of products, which directly leads to an increase in the company’s revenue.

Fast, flexible, and innovative supply chain management is more crucial than ever for a successful business. It can be beneficial to adopt these strategies in day-to-day business operations in order to reap the benefits and maintain a competitive business.

Container ship at freight port terminal. Equipment and transport. Vector illustration

You might not be able to tell whether your supply chain is failing if you are too close to your operations. The independent supply chain analysis that Sooner Logisticsdistribution services Southern California will conduct will result in recommendations that will increase your business’s productivity and profits.

EDP offers savings tips to reduce energy consumption in the home

Saving at home is possible. EDP Energía offers a series of simple tips for Reduce energy consumption in the home, achieve efficient energy consumption and protect the environment. An X-ray of energy consumption in the home shows that approximately one 46% comes from heating, 20% from hot water, 16% comes from appliances, 10% from the kitchen, 7% from lighting and 1% from air conditioning.


Saving at home is possible. EDP Energía offers a series of simple tips to reduce energy consumption in the home, achieve efficient energy consumption and protect the environment. An X-ray of energy consumption in the home shows that approximately 46% comes from heating, 20% from hot water, 16% comes from appliances, 10% from kitchen, 7% of the lighting and 1% of the air conditioning.

Gestures as simple as turning off the heating at night taking advantage of the heat accumulated during the day; use USB rechargeable batteries, charge them on the PC and give them the same use as normal batteries; or check gas appliances periodically, help reduce our energy consumption.

Also, using office equipment with Energy Star labels, with the ability to go to a rest state when a certain time elapses without the equipment having been used, can Help a more responsible energy consumption.

In this state of rest (low energy) the energy consumption is at most 15% of normal consumption. It is very important to completely turn off the appliances once they have stopped use. In the case of computers, in the absence of an absence, it is enough to turn off the monitor.


In addition, whoever is going to acquire a single-family home, can request the installation of the CAR-e device for the recharging of electric vehicles. Also, it is possible to transform energy of the sun in electricity through the use of solar panels that can be placed on rooftops or gardens. In fact, solar thermal energy is ideal for the production of hot water.

There are some practical tips to ensure that the use of heating does not trigger the electricity bill. For example, reducing the position of the thermostat to 15 degrees when absent from the housing.

In this sense it is advisable to install thermostats and timers in homes to control the heating to stay at an adequate temperature. Thermostatic valves in radiators And programmable thermostats are easy to install and save up to 13% energy.

Also ventilating a house has its trick. To air a room and renew the air it is enough to open the windows ten minutes in winter. It is essential to always take advantage of the heat of the sun and lower the blinds and close curtains to conserve the heat inside the rooms, as soon as the sun goes down.

It is also advisable to close the keys of the radiators in the rooms that are not used and keep the doors closed. It is important to check the condition of the heaters and purge them Radiators should not be covered periodically or objects placed next to them that prevent the correct diffusion of hot air.

In the points of light that are on more than an hour a day, ideal low consumption lamps or LEDs or fluorescent tubes. Conventional bulbs only convert 15% of the the electricity they consume. The rest is heat.

These are the Appliances That Trigger Your Electricity Bill

An average household in Spain consumes around 4,000 kilowatts a year in electricity and the use of appliances account for a large part of this expenditure with a percentage of 61.8%, according to data from the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE). It is also advisable to check those devices that we have plugged in despite not being in use since the “stand by” mode It causes 6% of the electricity expenditure in a house. Today we can not do without these devices, but we must learn to use them efficiently in order to avoid triggering the receipt of the light and promote sustainable savings based on the IDAE Energy Guide.

Refrigerator. It is the appliance that consumes the most within our household with a percentage of 18.9% of total expenditure. Although its power is less than that of a dryer, its continuous use is responsible for its thrust within the bill. Since IDAE recommend allowing air to circulate through its rear and away from heat sources or direct sunlight. Among the savings tips are the importance of choosing a refrigerator with energy-efficient labeling, clean the back at least once a year and do not introduce hot foods.

TV. It is the second electrical device that spends more light, up to 7.5% compared to the rest of the components of our house. Experts advise choosing an LED screen to save energy and remember that TV monitor technology that More consumption is the cathode ray tube, while highlighting the importance of not leaving this appliance in “standby” mode.

Washing machine: This essential appliance in our lives It ranks third in the distribution of electricity consumption with 7.3%. In IDAE they remember that 80% of their energy consumption comes from water heating and therefore advise opting for low-temperature washes and choose “ECO” programs. It would also be advisable to consider the purchase of a thermo-efficient washing machine, since it reduces the heating time of the water.

Furnace: “It is a large consumer of energy (5.1%) when generating heat to high temperatures in a very short period of time.” These three tips are basic to reduce spending: it is not necessary to pre-heat for cooking longer than one hour, it should not be opened The door to check the food and should turn off ahead of time to take advantage of the residual heat.

Computer: The experts of Idae emphasize that in the expenditure of this Appliance, which consumes 4.6% of household energy, influences its typology since “laptops consume much less than desktop ones”. It is also important to use flat screens for greater savings.

Dishwasher: Although some may be surprised, its use can be more economical and ecological than hand washing as long as it is used full. 90% of its consumption occurs during water heating. Proper maintenance improves performance and Extends the life of the device. For this it is important to clean the filter and replace the rinse aid and the room. Do not rinse the dishes before putting it, it is enough to remove the food scraps.

Dryer: “It is one of the appliances that consumes the most energy, therefore, it is advisable to use it only in specific situations”, as extracted from the IDAE Energy Guide. To save energy, clothes should be centrifuged before putting them in the dryer. and choose the devices that consume less such as heat pump technology, the gas version and those that include progressive cooling cycles.

Small appliances: From IDAE warn that small appliances that beat or chop usually have low powers; But that those that produce heat, such as the food processor, the iron or the dryer, “have higher powers and give rise to significant consumption’.