In Commercial Geo Thermal Heat CA we have a wide range of solutions for domestic heating and domestic hot water systems.

Below we show the different possibilities that exist to be able to distinguish between elements of heat production and diffusion network and in this way have sufficient knowledge to assess and know the needs and preferences.

Heating,gas-therme,junkers,cerapur,condensing boiler - free image from  needpix.comThe best way to transmit and provide heat to achieve the best comfort is the transmission of heat by radiation. It consists of a volume of liquid or hot solid (between 33 and 70 ÂșC) that naturally transfer heat to the environment of our home. In this way avoiding air currents that dry the environment and we have a thermal inertia that can be fully used.

The elements of heat production are responsible for heating the fluids that distribute the heat in our home. They differ according to the energy source they use to operate:

  • Natural gas or diesel boilers.
  • Electric boilers.
  • Electric heat pumps.
  • Biomass pellet and/or firewood boilers.

All of them have the option of producing domestic hot water (DHW) and the possibility of combining with solar thermal energy.

The criterion of choosing one or another option is given according to the supplies with which we are in the house, the occupation of the same and especially the use that will be given, a very important point when designing a system that adapts in a real way to our life and satisfies our comfort needs with the minimum cost of maintenance and energy expenditure.

As heat diffusion elements we have two main options:

  • Traditional elements very advantageous option for having several possibilities of installation with minimal work, even in occupied homes. They also have the option of making a more individualized use and better adapt to variable and discontinuous schedules to obtain optimal performance in a reduced time.
  • Underfloor heating, synonymous with absolute comfort. We have the surface of our house to provide heat. It is one of the most pleasant and cozy methods to heat rooms since the heat is emitted from the ground and rises progressively. Equally individualizable, we must take into account the delay with respect to the radiators (4 hours) being able to program it to coincide with our schedules.

All systems are programmable and even controllable via telephone or internet, being able to choose the system that best suits our lives and customs