From Commercial Geo Thermal Heat CA we have a wide range to provide industrial heating services depending on the enclosure to be air-conditioned or if there is heat production in industrial processes.

For small spaces we have the full range of systems such as domestic adapted to other uses, with air conditioning and heat production.

Industrial Heating CA

In large volumes or outdoor spaces we can opt for focused heat of shortwave radiation such as:

  • Infrared spotlights with light.
  • Low-wave, light-free radiant panels.

All of the above have common characteristics. They do not lose heating effect by air currents and only heat the physical matter which allows us to focus and project the heat in a controlled way under variable conditions.

Industrial Heating

Ideal for jobs in production lines and outdoor areas.

In terms of heat production we have all the possibilities offered by the market and our technical team will be responsible for studying the best solution.