Benefits of Blast Chillers

Industrial blast chillers for quick deep-freezing are machines created to quickly lower the temperature of food from +176ºF to -0.4ºF in less than 90 minutes, thanks to this it is possible to prevent bacteria from multiplying, in addition, to achieving very fast freezing of the food, and thus avoid the increase of the bacterial flora and the creation of microcrystals.

The blast chiller acts against the food by pulling the air at very low temperatures, causing the cold to circulate through strong fans. The most outstanding benefit of the blast chiller is that they guarantee longer expiration dates.

The blast chiller is an essential element in all professional kitchens. Since it offers a large number of advantages over the traditional cooling process, these allow for the reduction of the internal temperature of the food that finishes cooking in a time not exceeding two hours. In this way, the proliferation of bacteria can be avoided and the organoleptic conditions of the products are maintained.


  • Speed ​​in temperature reduction processes to be able to store food, and money savings.
  • Storage of food after several days of cooking, in order to have the necessary stock at all times, keeping the qualities of the food intact.
  • Food safety, being able to reduce contamination and proliferation of bacteria.
  • They are guaranteed quality in products, thanks to the conservation of their flavor.
  • Reduce the weight loss of preserved products, being able to prevent them from drying outhumidity, and internal crystallization.
  • It facilitates the storage of products in a faster and easier way to be able to organize yourself in the best possible way.

You can also find freezing tunnels, they are also freezing machines like blast chillers but in large dimensions.

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